The world’s favourite refrigerator, the iconic FAB by Italian appliance specialist Smeg, celebrates its 21st birthday this year (2018)!

Loved by all, desired by many, the introduction of Smeg’s FAB28 award-winning retro design, in 1997, single-handedly changed the way we viewed the domestic refrigerator.

Smeg’s creation of the FAB, in its Guastalla headquarters, was a direct response to the look-alike, bland white built-in appliances so popular at the time.  The brand felt that freestanding appliances, such as the refrigerator, could add colour and excitement to the kitchen if treated as a furnishing element.

Inspired by the all-American refrigerators seen in the Hollywood movies of the 50s, Smeg created the now iconic vintage curves and authentic retro colours of the FAB refrigerator, with the first models being available in pastel blue, pastel green and cream.  Such was the demand for these colourful pieces of ‘furnishing’ style, other colours quickly followed – revolutionary pink, Ferrari red, Dutch orange and electric blue!

Today the most popular colours, worldwide, remain red and cream plus black.

A true style icon, the curves and retro charm of the FAB proved a utilitarian product could also be a decorative object, admired for its beauty as well as efficiency.

Since its birth the popularity of the FAB refrigerator has grown to a worldwide success, available in 17 standard colours and constantly re-imagined in a variety of finishes from gold adorned with Swarovski Elements to national flags and team emblems.

Proudly designed and made in Italy, the FAB has evolved from the original single door FAB28 to five models ranging in size from a small 42 litre bar ‘fridge to the family-sized 473 litre model.

And the name?  FAB stands for Frigorifero d’Arredamento Bombato (furnishing refridgerator with rounded edges) and the number 28 referred to its capacity of about 280 litres.

Smeg’s legendary attention to detail shines through in all models of the FAB refrigerators – inside and out.   Quick chill crystal glass shelves, chrome bottle racks, multiple adjustable interior and balcony shelves plus frost free or automatic defrost operation.

The full range of FAB refrigerator models is available nationally from specialist appliance retailers.


FAB5, bar ‘fridge, 42 litre                                                    $1090

FAB10, bar ‘fridge, 135 litre                                                 $1690

FAB28, single door, 248 litre                                               $2490

FAB28 Special Colours                                                       $2990

FAB32, 2 door ‘fridge/freezer, 326 litre                                $3290

FAB50, 2 door ‘fridge/freezer, 473 litre                                $3990

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