Learning to use a powerful tool like PYTHA is both exciting and challenging. The software offers great customisation and a ‘sweet suite’ of time-saving tools, but like all software, it’s only as good as its user.

Pytha Partners have developed a range of workshops – where they share their favourite tips, tricks and time-saving tools – to ensure all PYTHA users are getting the best bang for their buck with this super-charged software.

Their face-to-face workshops are held in purpose-built training rooms in Pytha Partners’ Sutherland (NSW) office, with limited numbers of participants to ensure each learner gets the time and attention they need. You’ll find all upcoming workshops on Pytha’s Events page, or you can simply contact Pytha Partners today to find out what kind of training would be the best fit for you.

Pytha Partners @ Biesse’s Sydney Grand Opening

You can also find Pytha Partners at Biesse’s Sydney Grand Opening during 20-23 February. Learn more about this event here.