A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Wilson & Bradley

Wilson & Bradley are proud to announce the arrival of several new handles and knobs from Furnipart’s 2023 collection.

Featuring a variety of new and diverse designs from Furnipart’s creative partners, this collection gives interior designers a real opportunity to make a statement by focusing on smaller details and recognising how they can completely transform the look and feel of a home.

Available in a range of new styles and finishes, Furnipart’s 2023 collection features the Horizon range, the Elan range of long handles and introduces Furnipart’s new Timber Collection.

Coming in two sizes and in three finishes, Horizon appears to float above the panel surface. It has a half moon shape and an elegant transition from flat to curved on the front face. The design is suited to any orientation with two handles mounted across adjacent panels making a complete circle.

Èlan is a characteristic elegant handle with a fine closed outline. A delicate balance between functionality and a complete stylish expression, where the design is defined by the details in the soft rounded edges – precisely executed with a beautiful finish.

Working with wood has proven to be a new and exciting prospect for Furnipart as the material itself becomes part of the design inspiration. Crossing, Join, Beret, Pulley and Glove have been created in a way that best showcases the natural grain and touch of solid wood.

Also available as part of this collection are new additions to our Autumn, Classic, Edge Straight, Fold, Mango, Manor, Plato, Port and Square ranges.

Visit the Wilson & Bradley website to find out more: