Over the past 40 years, Farmers’ passion for their craft has seen their business flourish throughout Australia and even across to New Zealand. With a focus on individual customer preferences, Farmers have developed a range that will appeal to all personal tastes and will form a focal point that works in harmony with the rest of the home.

The Farmers range is crafted from natural timbers using environmentally friendly methods. Every piece is meticulously finished in superior quality Italian paints that are available in an endless colour palette to suit each individual’s interior décor. All doors from the Farmers range are painted on both sides – providing the ultimate finishing touch.

Introducing ELEMENTS by Farmers. 

Hamptons – A fresh approach to casual elegance

The Hamptons range is defined by a sense of cool sophistication that feels ideally balanced and relaxed. Based on the effortless style of the iconic Long Island location, where New York society gather for their summer vacations, these kitchens will suit those looking for simple beauty which is at once reserved and elegant.

Farmers’ Hamptons range offers a selection of doors and decorative features that include decorative moulds and kicks.

Traditional – Where rustic charm meets urban style

A Farmers traditional style kitchen will bring a timeless personality to your home that will never go out of vogue. The natural hoop pine timber used by Farmers, brings with is an air of rural sophistication that speaks comfort, quality and individuality.

Farmers’ traditional range offers a wide selection of colours and embellishment options that help tailor it to each individual’s needs.

Oak – A modern statement in design innovation

Inspired by the latest European trends, the new oak range sets a striking direction for classic kitchens. By combining a textured facade with sleek minimalist lines, these new interpretations will appeal to those with an eye for detail and an appreciated of future-focused design.

Farmers’ Weathered Oak doors feature an enduring crown cut oak recess panel and are available in a range of finishes. Select natural timber or choose from ANY1 colour options. The Natural Oak range can also be done using our Signature Series system and can be coated with a subtle patina to express the natural wood grain.

Farmers is now available exclusively through Lincoln Sentry. For more information, contact Lincoln Sentry Customer Service on 1300 551 919 or Farmers on 1300 72 51 51.