Launched to worldwide acclaim at the Milan Design Fair in April (2016), the first Dolce & Gabbana/Smeg limited edition hand-painted refrigerator has arrived in Australia!

In an innovative collaboration between the revered Italian fashion designers and the country’s leading kitchen appliance supplier, a strictly limited edition of 100 retro design FAB28 refrigerators will be hand-painted by a group of Sicilian artists, with each unique design reflecting the sizzling colour and Sicilian folklore that D&G is so famous for.

Each refrigerator takes many, many hours to complete so the production rate is slow and the queue of interested buyers long!

Australia’s first D&G hand-painted refrigerator, painted by Sicilian brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Bevilacqua, will go on display at Winnings’ new store in Canberra.  Characterised by a chromatic explosion of yellows and reds inspired by the Sicilian sun and the lava of Mt Etna, the design features sumptuous friezes and rich geometric patterns depicting the battle between Argante and Tancredi and another with Anthea of Babylon.

An impressive collection of six refrigerators has just been completed, this time by renowned Sicilian artists Gianfranco Fiore, Tommaso Provenzano and Michelangelo Lacagnina.

The latter, based in Palermo, has created two designs, each depicting a traditional scene from Sicilian life.  One shows fishermen catching a large octopus, with Mount Etna in the background while the other shows a verdant agricultural scene with lemons and sunflowers and a farmer picking his fruit by the light of the moon.

Each refrigerator is completely covered in hand-painted artwork – front, sides and top – that relates to the signature scene on the door front.

A total of 100 FAB28s will be transformed into luxury items that epitomise the passion for style and design that both Dolce & Gabbana and the family-owned Smeg brand are revered for.

No two refrigerators are the same and numbers are strictly limited to just 100 – so each piece is destined to be the most highly desirable collector’s item or family heirloom.

Prices and availability in Australia on application.

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