As we count down to the closing date (1 June 2021), we thought we’d share five of the questions we’ve fielded from entrants in the last few weeks.

#1 Can I enter a project that was completed last year?

We get that you may need to ‘dig back a little deeper’ to find a project that’s made it to 100% completion. Accordingly, we’ve extended the project completion dates as follows:

​All designs submitted must be for projects undertaken within the Commonwealth of Australian and completed between 1 December 2019 and 1 June 2021. 

(Of course, you can’t enter a project that you’ve already entered into our program – no double dipping or second chances here!)

#2 My plans are all hand-drawn. Does this mean I won’t stand a chance?

Ah, absolutely NOT. Your method of drafting is not being judged; it’s the clarity and consistency of your work that’s under the microscope. If your hand-drawn drawings accurately represent your design intent (i.e. the judges can see precisely what you were aiming to achieve), you’re most definitely in with a chance.

#3 I don’t have a flash 3D rendering program. Will I lose points for this?

Again, that’s a big, fat no. You’ll note that our judging criteria (found in the Entry Pack) includes the following:

Concept presentation (i.e. computer-generated 3-D view, hand-drawn sketch and/or mood boards with rendered elevations) successfully communicates design intent.

The highlighted section of this statement is what we’re looking for. Our judges want to see how you communicated your ideas to your client. Over the years, we’ve seen some fabulous computer-generated 3Ds, and some equally impressive hand-drawn perspectives. We’ve seen quirkily-styled sketches and carefully rendered elevations, and beautiful mood boards, too. If you’ve developed a style in presenting that wows your clients AND gets the information across, we would love to see it.

#4 Do I need professional photographs for my entry?

If a picture says a thousand words, a high-quality, professionally composed image says about five thousand. We always recommend that you invest in professional photography in order to get the most out of the marketing opportunities that arise from entries. While the quality of the images doesn’t account for points in the criteria, they do help set the scene for the judging panel. If you absolutely can’t bet your professional pics before the closing date, use the tips for self-photography that we shared here. We will need your high res images before promos, though, so contact our office for the photo deadline extension.

#5 What is the difference between a design brief and a statement

Yes, still this question – we get it all the time! And we’ve covered the answer here.

As always, if you’ve any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our office (1300 253 223).