Members who joined our ‘Making Marketing Part of your Day’ videoconference took away some absolute gems from the presenter, Linda Reed-Enever.

The marketing guru shared some fantastic tips for getting consistency and momentum in small business marketing. Linda introduced the concept of a ‘five-minute mindset’, and encouraged members to look for grabs of unproductive periods that could be reallocated to five-minute marketing tasks.

Linda shared a whopping list of five-minute hacks with members; following are just a few to help get you motivated:

# Use the power of Google
Linda suggests you take five minutes to set up a Google Alert for your business. When you or your business get a mention online, you’ll be notified by Google and know when and how to jump on in.

#2 Talk your ideas out
Not all ideas need to be written out. Use ‘Google Talk to Type’ or a voice recorder on your phone to capture your moments of brilliance when they arrive.

#3 Create an action list
Feeling inspired? Take a five-minute break to create a list of blog or social post ideas, a list of events that should be in your calendar or a list of potential good news stories that you could share with media outlets. When an opportunity arises for some content creation or publicity, you’ll have a list of clever concepts on the ready.

#4 Ask for a review
People buy from people they trust, and reviews and testimonials help create this trust. Take five minutes to ask two of your favourite customers for a short and sweet testimonial. Turn these reviews into graphics for your socials, and add them to your website.

#5 List your business
Linda encouraged members to add their businesses to popular online directories. The KBDi Find a Designer listing is a great example: if you’re not on this list of Australia’s finest designers, give the office a call today and we’ll help you get there.

Missed the video conference? Members will have access to this in the Members Portal soon.

Special gift for KBDi Members

Linda has generously gifted her Marketing and Automation Toolkit eBook to KBDi Members. You can get your copy via the link below.

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