Talostone has recently purchased a property in the gorgeous Danks St Waterloo, opposite Winning Appliances. Nestled amongst many other renovation-relevant retailers, the convenient location will be a wonderful place to meet your clients and guide them through the specification process.

The venue will be the company’s flagship¬†Talostone City Experience Centre (TCEC-Sydney), and they’ll be welcoming KBDi Members to consider it as an extension of their own showroom or studio. You’ll have a dedicated area to sit and discuss your design and finishes with your clients, with access to coffee, Zip sparkling water and wifi, and will enjoy the opportunity to help bring your clients’ projects to life while surrounded by the cutting-edge engineered stone.

The official Grand Opening date is still not set in stone😉, but Talostone are aiming to open in late February, 2019. Watch this space!