The fittings of Häfele’s new Free Family give overhead flap doors new freedom in movement. They offer more opportunities in the visual and technical design of furniture, and tangible benefits compared to hinged doors. But above all, the fittings give your furniture and room designs elegance and lightness. Whether a flap is lifted, tilted, swiveled or folded, it immediately provides more efficiency when working and added value.

The Free Family allows an intelligent use of space, and provides more design freedom with its many application possibilities. Conventional large cabinet fronts need considerable room to move; in contrast, the Free Family fittings vary the flap opening geometry in a creative way, so that the opening is geared to the amount of available space, and is suitable for the intended application.

The Free Family can assist in solutions for low ceiling heights, keeping handles within reach and encouraging an efficient use of space. The range eliminates the risk of bumping into open doors, and requires little strength to open with its lightweight construction.

With more than 90 years of experience in furniture fittings and a close connection to those who use our furniture fittings, Häfele are continually inspired by the needs of tomorrow.

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