Gessi aims to fulfil the desire to blend nature with architecture in people’s private habitats, envisioning the bathroom not only as a place for regeneration and well-being but also as a truly natural shelter.

In order to achieve a design that could shape the fusion between architecture and landscape, Gessi conducted research in South-Eastern Asia, whereby ancient culture, nature enters gracefully into the house and the living space expands in uninterrupted continuity towards the outside. In this area, craftsmanship and design product a remarkable distillation of traditional shapes and natural materials into extraordinarily fine contemporary furnishings.

During a journey among the lush scenery and the dwellings in South-Eastern Asia, Designer and Sculptor Prospero Rasulo captured the sun filtering light cones across vegetation, the architectural form describing his ideal fusion of architecture and nature: The Cone, which became the new “sign” of Gessi.

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