Since its founding, Gessi’s mission was the original reinterpretation of the traditional image of the bathroom faucet. Accordingly, Gessi has been the frontrunner of a revolution in the vision of the residential and hospitality bathscape.

Surpassing its customary, merely functional aspect, Gessi strives to make the bathroom into a “room of style and well-being”, a place for the open enjoyment of a living experience for its owner and guests and, as such, a space to reinvent, furnish and personalize. The revolutionary, essential and pure beauty of the sleek, minimalist and rigorous square lines of Gessi’s Rettangolo have made this design a true icon.

Since its launch in 2002, architects and home interior enthusiasts have loved and employed this amazing product it in the world’s most beautiful projects. Rettangolo is a conceptual product considered, due to its perfect harmony, an absolute, immutable accomplishment.

In life, however, disruptions can serve as the catalyst to the process of regeneration, eventually resulting in new and different forms of beauty and perfection. The sensational Rettangolo K demonstrates how this can be true even for disruptions in the perfect harmony and established shape of an icon. K’s concept consists in having slivered Rettangolo silhouette with a bold diagonal cut.

Together with the resulting bent lever, the cut designs the fascinating signature “K” of the Line: the iconic Rettangolo has generated a new piece of art.

Breaks in objects, as those that occur in life, shall be treasured with a shining mark, as they result in the true essence of a story.

This is why a disruption can generate an even more powerful form of beauty: what breaks, becomes more precious, as it is unique. This is very true for Rettangolo K. The design concept of the Line consists in cutting the celebrated solid body of the Rettangolo faucet with a transverse line that fractures it, subverting its iconic silhouette and creating an inedited angle.

A new light redesigns the illustrious silhouette of Rettangolo and the result is amazing: while the object retains the accomplished harmony of the original figure, it is fresh, different, and absolutely beautiful. For more information, visit, or phone 1800 809 143.