Supporting your unique design ideas, current design trends and personal preferences, Blum Australia have a variety of tools to aid you during specification and initial design stages.

To assist in the specification of Blum product solutions, a dedicated web resource is available where full specification documents and specification text relevant to the Australian product range can be downloaded. This resource also provides a range of product and innovation solutions that can support current design trends.

The recently developed fan deck provides a total range representation of Blum drawer and pull-out solutions offering a quick and easy overview of the most relevant and up to date information in an easy to reference tool.

Assisting with the demand for current design trends, Blum showrooms house a vast range of the latest product and innovations. The recent addition of a handle-less LEGRABOX kitchen display including all of Blum’s motion technologies, highlights how Blum can provide infinite possibilities and support the demands for handle-less furniture design. Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive facility (available at Blum showrooms) provides you with an opportunity to see your kitchen designs come to life and try out your designs before they are finalised, ensuring you’ve ticked all the boxes when planning the perfect kitchen for your clients.

Architects and designers are encouraged to visit their nearest Blum showroom with their clients to experience Blum product innovations first hand, and make use of the range of tools available to support you with your unique and functional designs.

For more Information on Blum’s support tools for specification and design solutions contact your local Blum representative or visit