Building your range of CAD skills is a great way to give yourself an edge in the job market, and could help you get your foot in the door of your favourite design firms. With PYTHA 3D CAD skills listed on your resume, you’ll show your potential employers that you’re ahead of the curve and ready to work!

Several NSW and Victorian TAFEs are offering beginner-level courses in PYTHA 3D CAD, and savvy designers and design students are taking advantage of these affordable evening classes.

The course is offered in two stages, with the first presenting a comprehensive overview of the basic functions of PYTHA 3D CAD. During six three-hour lessons, you’ll learn how to create standard cabinets and components with practice exercises and applications, and discover many of the features that make PYTHA such a powerful design tool.

When you’ve completed the first series of lessons, you’ll have the skills required to ‘up the ante’ in stage two of the course. You’ll work through a sample project from beginning to end, creating templates, producing working drawings and parts lists and building parametric libraries.

You’ll finish the course with a TAFE Plus Statement, and enough skills to hit the ground running with your dream design firm.

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