One of the most common issues presented at the Pytha Partners support desk has little to do with PYTHA software. Often their biggest challenge lies with the clunky hardware driving their gear, and the associated headaches old hardware can cause.

A while ago Pytha gave us five good reasons to update our CAD. Today they’re sharing their top five for hardware revamps:

1. Be Done with Downtime

When old hardware has suffered through multiple installations and subsequent un-installs, it’s likely to be bearing a few scars and housing the remnants of various versions of software. This can slow down processing significantly, or cause conflicts in what should be standard operations. If you or your operators are spending more time looking at a whirring wheel on your screen than you’d like, it may time to look into some new machinery.

2. Need for Speed

Competent CAD users can be speed demons when driving their favourite software. If your hardware is not keeping up, you could end up with the tech-version of road rage in your office, which will never end well! To get the most out of your software and the maximum out of your operators, you’ll want to make sure your hardware can keep up.

3. Vibrant Visuals

With rapid advances in retina technologies, new computers have far more impressive graphics cards (and/or the ability to support graphics) than hardware even a few years old. The better your hardware capabilities, the better your PYTHA modelling will be. PYTHA’s standard premium quality Modeller renders are a part of your package, and they should be a key component of your sales toolkit; you may be pleasantly surprised by the significant improvement your existing software will produce when it’s paired with a more capable processor.

4. Timely Troubleshooting

Software is continually developed to work best with the most current Windows platform. If your hardware is pushing its limits, you may have noticed your Windows auto-updates are lagging (or no longer happening at all). If Windows is not up to date on your computer, it’s highly likely you’ll be missing out on the advantages of any of your preferred software updates. From a PYTHA point of view, when we know your Windows platform is where it needs to be, we can spend less time looking for work-arounds and more time ensuring you and your team are as proficient and productive as possible.

5. Safety & Security

Earlier this month the biggest cyber attack in internet history stormed through Europe, affecting over 200,000 machines in the first few hours. Organisations like Renault were crippled by the attack, and countless others – large and small – will still be reeling. Ramsomeware is a growing trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, and it’s bound to affect you or someone you know at some stage. If you have even one sub-standard computer in your network, it could be the very ‘weak link’ that leaves you open for attack. Don’t be the case study we’ll be looking to use when we talk to our customers about security!

Find out more about PYTHA’S minimum processing requirements here, or contact Pytha Partners for more information today.