Custom designed integrated hospital vanity.

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron.

Staron® Solid Surfaces is comprised of a natural and pure mineral derived from bauxite ore and blended with an advanced pure acrylic resin, resulting in the world’s premium surface material. Staron® Solid Surfaces meets every criteria to create a project that will look like the day it was installed, for years to come.

When it comes to healthcare projects surface selections, healing begins with a patient’s environment. Staron® offers a warm, soft and soothing feel to the skin. It does not feel ‘cold’ like many other surfaces do.

In the world we live today, hygiene is one of the most important factors of a hospital or healthcare environment. Staron® offers a hygienic and non-porous finish that abolishes cross contamination providing a safe surface solution for endless applications including wall cladding, nurses’ stations and patient examination areas. Staron® also prevents the growth of mould or mildew, providing a clean surface solution making it perfect for wet areas.

The thermoformability of Staron® allows for designs of ergonomically friendly applications for wheelchair access. The non-porous and slip resistant nature of Staron® also means it can be used in and around showers and bathtubs by creating curves for easy access.

The ability to join the surface with no open joins means that Staron® adds heightened hygiene and eliminates dirt trapping crevices, that is essential in this type of industry. Staron® also extends itself to fully integrated dentistry bowls, baby baths or sinks and vanities – with no open joins, just one continuous surface that performs as one piece.

Staron® Solid Surfaces is silica free, Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified and non-toxic – providing a healthy, durable and versatile surface solution in endless healthcare applications.

For heightened hygiene, there is also Evermoin® by Staron® – a surface solution that provides the hygiene and design versatility of Staron® with a bacteria killing, antibacterial inclusion. Standard Staron® suppresses fungal and bacteria due to its non-porous nature, while Staron® Evermoin® actively kills bacteria. Evermoin® anti-microbial surfaces from Staron® can be used in almost any interior space. Imagine nurses’ workstations and wall cladding in a functional and renewable material that is durable as well as ultra-hygienic. Achieve the perfect blend of simplicity in design with an antimicrobial surface engineered for a healthier life.