A message from Redman Training & Development

Join an online workshop from Redman Training & Development on Monday 19 April 2021 at 1 pm for a 90-minute development session on how to improve your customer’s experience, build trust from the first “hello” and overcome objections for an easier sales and conversion process.

Poor communication and missed opportunities can hold your business back from achieving maximum potential and, all too often, we see the results of a sub-par customer experience costing businesses dearly in the long run. Whether you are a fee-for-service designer or a showroom consultant or a product supplier to the industry, you can benefit from maximising every interaction you have with customers.

Building trust is one of the most important requirements to achieve an exceptional outcome in any transaction with a customer or client. Through asking open ended questions, seeking to define and understand the customer’s needs, and listening carefully to the answers, you are able to open the proverbial door to more or future possibilities. Your qualifications and experience build confidence in the customer’s eyes and assist in overcoming some of the most common objections we hear in this industry.

Let’s first take a look at what so often goes wrong in our transactions with customers. We are all busy and our time is often at a premium. So, if a customer is perceived as a distraction or nuisance, or a time waster/tyre kicker it’s easy to unconsciously greet that customer with a tinge of annoyance in our language or tone. And it’s very difficult to recognise this in yourself – but often easier to see, and criticise, in others.

What causes this unacceptable behaviour?

  • Stress
  • Ignorance
  • Negative assumptions
  • Unjustified opinion
  • A reaction to the customer’s manner of approach

When we are stressed we often feel helpless or overwhelmed. While you are attempting to deal with other, unresolved matters, the intervention of a customer’s enquiry may well be seen as an inconvenience or unwelcome intrusion. If you are lacking in confidence or feeling judged, it’s very common to “second guess” your language or approach the customer from a position of defensiveness, all of which will undermine the trust you are seeking to establish.

Feelings of overwork or having too much on your plate can cause you to rush through the engagement with the customer, leaving them feeling unsatisfied and misunderstood, which will cause them to come away with a negative association from your meeting and be less likely to purchase from you or recommend your product and services to others.

Now, let’s look at how to turn the circumstances around to create a more positive engagement and improve your customer’s experience to help them become not only someone who has purchased from you but also an ambassador for your business, spruiking your company to friends, family and associates.

Awareness is the first step towards removing these negative disruptions to your business but self-awareness is not something that comes easily to most and it can be an incredibly confronting process to undertake. It is a skill that can be taught and those who have mastered it will tell you how life-changing it is. But it takes time and effort to learn to identify triggers, implement strategies to overcome the impulse to repeat behaviours, and continue to analyse your reactions over time.

Across the board, if your customers are having more positive and beneficial engagements with yourself, your staff and your business they will become advocates on your behalf; you will see an upswing in repeat business and referrals; happier customers lead to higher staff satisfaction and lower staff turnover; and you will likely see an upswing in terms of productivity.

Members of your team who are able to harness the benefits of this approach are likely to be less stressed, have more productive ongoing relationships with customers, will find it much easier to have better communication with customers and this leads, in turn, to an easier sales and conversion process.

In our Improving the Customer Experience workshop we will deal with these, and many other triggers, that can lead to negative interactions with customers and arm you with tried-and-tested methods to create awareness, find alternative approaches, and learn new responses. The workshop is $99 inc GST and will be held on Monday 19 April from 1.00 – 2.30 pm. Registration is easy but, be fast, numbers are limited and we’re keeping the group small to ensure a great experience for all.

Learn more and register here.