Over centuries, we have marvelled at how Italians have enhanced design and fashion leaving their cultural mark on the world. We love the passion, craftsmanship and heritage put into everything they do, and now they are the creative drivers behind InSinkErator’s premium range of tapware. Multi Rubinetto or Multitap.

The reasons we fall in love with Italian products is their passion and purpose and Multitap is a testament to this commitment. InSinkErator are proud to be able to now offer instant steaming hot water as a function of a standard kitchen tap mixer. Designed and manufactured in Italy this high quality tap brings contemporary style to new and existing kitchen spaces.

The Multitap 3N1 is supported by next generation Neotank. It features a compact design (310mm x 150mm) that is affixed to the cupboard wall conserving space usage. The 2.5L tank features a welded construction, eliminating seals to improve lifespan.  It also allows the consumer to heat only what they need while conserving energy for environmental stewardship.

To help introduce Multitap 3N1 to the Australian market place, InSinkErator have partnered with award-winning chef, restaurateur and much loved TV personality Mr Guy Grossi. “What I love is the convenience of the Multitap. Instant boiling water combined with the regular hot and cold water helps me keep cooking, with what I need always at my fingertips.” Says Mr Grossi.

To view the entire range of Multitap 3N1 steaming hot water taps visit www.multitap.com.au