We’ve recently had some great conversations with Members excited to be growing their teams. As they ready themselves for interviews, some Members have admitted to being a little nervous about the kinds of questions they can put to their potential employees. In this feature, KBDi’s Industry Partner, Employsure, sets out the ‘nine things you just can’t ask’.

Recruiting is a big deal for small business. But asking the wrong interview questions can land you and your business in hot water.

9 Things You Just Can’t Ask A Job Candidate

  • Ethnic/racial background

  • Sexual orientation

  • Age

  • Religion

  • Marriage status

  • Family plans (i.e. plans to have a baby)

  • Voting habits

  • Physical or mental disability status (unless it directly impacts the role)

  • Union membership status

So, What Can I Ask? 

Questions around this area that are perfectly fine to ask include:

  • Are you an Australian citizen/have the right to work here?

  • Can you speak Chinese (e.g.)? (if the role requirements have a specific need for the language)

  • What are your social media accounts? (although the employee isn’t compelled to give over information)

  • Why did you leave your previous role?

  • Do you have a criminal record? (depends on state, and if it’s relevant to the requirements of the role)


KBDi has partnered with Employsure to help take the headache out of workplace relations. Contact our office today (phone 1300 253 223) to find out how your KBDi Membership will help you with HR solutions.