As we kick off 2020, we’d like to really focus on getting some crystal clear vision about how our Members feel about particular products, services and general industry issues. We know you’re all busy and don’t have time for long surveys, so we’d like to introduce a trial initiative of ‘One Question Wednesday’.

If you can check your inbox on Wednesday mornings, you’ll find ONE QUESTION from us that (a) you’ve been asking or (b) we’re just curious about. If you take the time to respond, you’ll be rewarded with the survey results. If you don’t, you won’t, and you’ll be forever wondering how your peers feel about topics like:

  • Reconstituted stone – yay or nay?
  • Australia’s favourite white (top five picks)?
  • Best brand of baths?
  • Most reliable dishwasher?
  • Your best source of work (how do you get your clients)?

And whatever else we can collectively come up with. (Yes, you can hit us with your questions – add your thoughts below or email your suggestions to