A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron.

With over 80 colours in the existing Staron colour offering, 3 new colours have been released for 2020.

Sanded Iceblue: Capturing the light blue hues of frozen treetops and the essence of an arctic winter. Featuring a semi translucent nature, and a soft blue background with fine white particulates. Sanded Iceblue creates a gentle colour to any project, or with backlighting can create illumination for design impact.

Sanded Mint: A soft pastel mint green inspired by lush nature found around natural waterfalls. With semi translucent nature and an element of green with fine frosty white particulates. Sanded Mint offers a placid colour to any application with the option of backlighting for illumination.  

Terrazzo Como: Inspired by the tones found in nature and the architecture of Como, Italy. With a lustrous grey background hue and larger white and clear particulates, this colour redefines the desirable terrazzo effect. 

Staron® is comprised of a natural and pure mineral derived from bauxite and blended with an advanced pure acrylic resin, resulting in a premium solid surface material. With a non-porous nature, inconspicuous joining capabilities and the ability to renew the surface – Staron® offers a surface solution that is beautiful in aesthetics and easy to clean and maintain.

Staron® can be used to create monolithic flowing benchtops, splashbacks, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, shower walls, commercial counters, table tops and endless other applications.

Staron® is silica free, non-toxic and Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified contributing to safe project environments.

Staron® is an affordable quality solid surface backed by a 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind. For enquiries, contact www.staron.com.au or 02 9822 7055.