A message from our Diamond Sponsor, Lincoln Sentry

Gollinucci’s Sous Chef is the latest addition to the kitchen that is designed to organise even the smallest of spaces. Ingeniously designed, the Sous Chef features a number of moveable and removable trays which can be freely positioned as needed to keep ingredients and accessories within easy reach.

The concept behind the design of the Sous Chef was to find a solution for those often-used items that don’t require a large drawer but need to be close at hand for everyday use. Whether it’s access to spices, sauces or oils, or cooking equipment and utensils such as spoons or measuring cups, the Sous Chef provides the perfect solution for kitchen organisation.

Each individual component can lift out and be placed on the benchtop while in use but quickly and easily slotted back into the unit once work is complete. A variety of containers is available allowing the specification to meet the individual requirements of the homeowners.

For more information visit https://www.lincolnsentry.com.au/products/1454305