Australian homeowners often underestimate the impact of cabinetry handles when undertaking a home renovation. Clients can deliberate for days, weeks or months about the colour and finish of their kitchen cabinetry, but leave little time for the selection of suitably stylish hardware.

A detail-oriented designer, however, will not overlook the ‘jewels’ of the kitchen, and will ensure that the handles and knobs get the attention they deserve.

Melbourne designer, Dorothy de Guara, is well aware of the impact that well-designed hardware can have on a space. Her client’s two-bedroom Port Melbourne apartment was limited in size but bursting in potential: de Guara’s careful space planning, stylish colour palette and excellent detailing resulted in a considerable transformation. 

The designer sought an exclusive, high-quality handle to add both class and substance to her client’s new kitchen, and the solid brass, sand-cast Symm by Jolie proved a perfect selection.

Sourced from Two Tease Architectural Hardware in Sydney’s Crows Nest, the handles take the kitchen renovation to an all-new level.

‘The handles look and feel magic,’ said de Guara. ‘I feel they enhance the kitchen and add to the elegance of the joinery’.

With their exclusive range of premium architectural hardware, sourced from the world’s leading designers, Two Tease will help you add the pièce de resistance to your projects.

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