KBDi Design Symposium
& Gala Awards 2018

8 + 9 June | Gold Coast, Queensland

We’ve put together an incredible two-day program for this year’s KBDi Design Symposium, including key note speaker Rowdy McLean!

KBDi Accredited Designers are invited to attend an informative and inspiring morning at the Sheraton Grand Mirage on Friday, 8 June, 2018 (9am to 11am, immediately before the Symposium). This is a great opportunity for Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD Au) and Certified Bathroom Designers (CBD Au) to earn their required CPD points alongside accredited peers. With the support of our Forum sponsors, Blum, we’ll be presenting two excellent professional development sessions. 

KBDi Design Symposium: Welcome Lunch
Proudly sponsored by Talostone

The KBDi Design Symposium 2018 will kick off with a welcome lunch at the newly reburbished Terraces Restaurant at Sheraton Grand Mirage. Renowned on the Gold Coast for its mouthwatering seafood buffet, the Terraces Restaurant offers a tantalising menu and coastal ambience. You’ll enjoy delicious food, stunning ocean views and of course, fantastic company as Australia’s Finest Designers gather together for this two day event.

Design Masterclass: ‘Looking for Inspiration in your Everyday’
Proudly sponsored by Laminex Australia

Lisa Chapman CKD Au CBD Au (Designer Training Australia) will lead this hands-on design master class, where you’ll explore the concept of ‘looking for inspiration in your everyday’. You’ll collaborate with your peers, connect with your environment, and systematically critique potential design resolutions. You’ll be challenged and inspired during this intensive workshop, and are sure to have plenty of fun exploring conceptual ideas in a collaborative environment.

Keynote: ‘Play a Bigger Game’ with Rowdy McLean

In this inspiring keynote, you’ll discover the four common elements required for maximum personal growth, and learn how to take the reins in order to achieve more, be more, do more and have more than you ever imagined!

Playing a Bigger Game is Rowdy McLean’s life story. As a highly successful entrepreneur, Rowdy manoeuvred himself in to the enviable position of being able to retire at the age of 34. He soon discovered that taking it easy wasn’t his forte, and boredom drove him back in to the game. Rowdy went on to build and lead great companies, motivating, inspiring and agitating individuals, teams and organisations to Play a Bigger Game, and was recently voted one of the top three speakers in Australia!

KBDi Design Symposium: Welcome Drinks & Canapes
Proudly sponsored by Schweigen

Time to let your hair down! KBDi Gold Sponsors, Schweigen, are hosting the party, and invite you to join us for the official Symposium Welcome Drinks at the award-winning Glass Dining & Lounge Bar at Main Beach.

‘Looking Back’ with Royston Wilson CKD Au & Darren James CKD Au

Two of Australia’s Finest designers – Royston Wilson CKD Au, CBD Au and Darren James CKD Au – will evaluate their winning designs from the last two decades, and put a spotlight on recurring trends. They’ll discuss how styles from earlier eras can influence today’s design, and consider how ‘blasts from the past’ can be re-purposed to suit a contemporary market.

‘The Next Ten’ with Kim Chadwick
Proudly sponsored by Talostone

As Director of Australian Trend Forecast, Kim is an internationally renowned creative, consultant and speaker, and she’ll be sharing her forecasts for trends for ‘the Next Ten’…

‘Trends from the Tour’ with Simon Hodgson and Melanie Gardener
Proudly sponsored by Talostone

Australian International Design Tours’ Simon Hodgson and Melanie Gardener will share their perspective about the trends to come, as they present the highlights of their most recent tour to Eurocucina and Salon del Mobile.

‘The Next Generation‘

Enjoy an exclusive guided tour through this very impressive factory, and meet the Next Generation of the Farmers family.

You’ll also enjoy a fabulous lunch here, with much thanks and appreciation to Farmers Doors.

‘Here & Now’ with Janice Williams
Proudly sponsored by Universal Magazines

As Head of Digital and Publisher at Universal Magazines, Janice Williams has a great handle on the wants and needs of today’s consumers. In this session, she’ll share a concentrated snapshot of the k & b market, with a mountain of data collected from consumers and condensed especially for you.

KBDi Designer Awards 2018: Pre-Dinner Drinks
Proudly sponsored by Smeg

KBDi Diamond Sponsor, Smeg, invite you to kick off your evening with the official pre-Gala drinks at the Sheraton Grand Mirage. They’ve organised the bubbly; all you need to do is ‘frock up and rock up’ for a spectacular evening.

KBDi Designer Awards 2018: Gala Dinner

Wrap up two days of design inspiration with a Gala Dinner like no other! Rub shoulders with Australia’s Finest designers, and find out who will be crowned the KBDi Australian Certified Designer of the Year, the KBDi Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year and the KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year. You’ll enjoy fine food, excellent entertainment, dazzling dancing (?!) and an all-out-knees-up as we celebrate a Decade of Design!

Read all about the winners of the KBDi Designer Awards 2018.

KBDi Designer Awards 2016

With much thanks and appreciation to our KBDi Design Symposium and Designer Awards Sponsors of 2018