KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares some great strategies for souping up your social media during the holiday season…

With the holiday season approaching, many of your current and potential clients will be spending their time on social media. This means that you need to be constantly present throughout this time in order to keep brand awareness and generate inquiries.

Let’s concentrate on the word ‘SHUTDOWN’ for a moment: this is now a word that no business can afford anymore. All successful businesses continue to market or be present on social media throughout the whole year and do not shutdown.

Let’s think about it for a minute – your customers (Mr & Mrs Smith) are on holidays and have shut down, but are taking this time off to look for a new kitchen, bathroom, renovation, builder, plumber – whoever. So they engage in social media as their first point of research. If you have ‘Shutdown’ and are not continuously active, you are potentially missing out on future business.

So how do you have a holiday but continue to be active on social media?

Plan, Action and Execute

Plan: download the 31 day social media calendar with guided posts for every day. All you need to do find the images, write a few simple words and find relevant hashtags.

Action – use one of the many apps available (try Hootsuite or similar) and schedule them all in before you go away.

Execute – when on holidays, receive the reminders from Hootsuite and simply press ‘Post’ each day. Send it your Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin all at the press of one button.

You may be busy now and don’t have time, but if you want to keep the work flowing consistently throughout the year, find the time. Business owners tend to discount jobs, take on jobs that don’t suit the business in order to create work or simply not have any work at all. The stress relating to these three points alone worth avoiding. Be proactive now, plan ahead and watch 2018 kick off with new inquiries and work.

Don’t forget to download the social media calendar and place it in front of you as a reminder.

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