Kitchens without borders – that’s the major trend in Australian kitchens, and it’s here to stay! Open-plan layouts and kitchens equipped to produce a wide variety of culinary fare from around the globe are key to the trend. No matter the size of the space, some of the more savvy appliance brands have been thinking ahead of the game!

Italian design specialist, Smeg, has opened up a wealth of opportunity with an extended offering of 70cm wide appliances for those who have limited space and big expectations. Available in two very different design aesthetics, Smeg’s 70cm ovens deliver the same 90L capacity as their 90cm counterparts, but cleverly save consumers a valuable 20cms of kitchen cabinet space. Likewise with gas cooktops – some of the Smeg 70cm and 75cm models sport five burners, just like the

90cm models and are available in both the Victoria, Classic and Linear designs.

And while the ovens take less space they certainly don’t skimp on features. Just like the 90cm models, Smeg’s 70cm versions have optional pyrolytic cleaning, Thermoseal oven technology, up to 17

cooking functions, high visibility glass and more than 50 SmartSense Plus automatic menus (these will tell the user exactly how to cook a predetermined dish to get perfect results every time – temperature, cooking time and even shelf level).

Design choice is a critical factor when planning a kitchen and Smeg excels again with a large choice in terms of design aesthetics and colour. Choose from the Classic all stainless steel version, designed by Guido Canali, or the very sleek and contemporary Linear in a choice of white, black or stainless steel Stopsol® reflective glass.

Again, unique to Smeg, is Thermoseal oven technology that guarantees a perfectly controlled oven cavity with constant, accurate temperatures. Thermoseal allows any excess moisture to escape into the cooling system while reducing condensation build-up. The result is a perfect dish everytime – succulent roasts, crisp pastries and light cakes.

The perfect partner to a 70cm oven is a cooktop to match, and Smeg has several. Consumers can choose from gas, ceramic or induction.

Choice is considerable, from the vintage Victoria aesthetic in black, white or panna to the four and five burner stainless steel gas cooktops and the SmartSense Plus induction models in black and white. There is also a black ceramic model.

If a freestanding/upright cooker is the preferred option, Smeg has two, a gas model with electric oven or gas with gas oven.

Smeg 70cm kitchen appliances are available nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retailers. Go to for more details.