Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Multitap3N1™ will make a stylish statement in your client’s new kitchen.

With three different designs (J-Shape, L-Shape and U-Shape), and two stunning finishes (Chrome and Matte Black), there is a Multitap3N1™  to suit all tastes.

Of course, the unit is as practical as it is pretty, with the following being key points to discuss with your client:

Undersink Storage Space

Undersink storage is almost always an issue for homeowners. The MultiTap tank has a minimal footprint in this valuable kitchen real estate: the unit is fixed to the internal wall of the cabinet, and at approximately 310mm high, 157mm wide and 206mm deep (about the size of a toaster), it’s a game-changer for designers.

Energy Efficiency

The 2.5L tank capacity will allow your client to heat what’s required without waste, offering energy-efficient and surprisingly quiet operation. Your client will conserve their own energy, too, with tasks like making tea and coffee, blanching vegetables and preparing the baby’s bottles all only a lever pull away.

Safety First

The MultiTap3N1 offers instant filtered steaming hot water, but scalding is not a concern: a cleverly designed lever has its own safety locking mechanism, ensuring ‘safety first’ in family-friendly kitchens.

Learn more about the MultiTap3N1 here.