Often in our lives we limit ourselves and our opportunities by making assumptions. Listening to our mind can be a very positive experience. Our mind can reveal innate wisdom to support us through difficult times, provide answers to concerning questions, and support us to move forward. 

When our thoughts become mind chatter and our mind is not being supportive, we can find ourselves making negative assumptions. These are unsupported opinions usually founded on negative or limiting beliefs. Our mind is trying to protect us, keep us safe from a disappointing outcome, and, as often is the case, prevent us from gaining a positive educational or life experience.

Let’s be honest. How often have we said to ourselves, ‘That’s not going to work, that’s not going to happen, I’ll never have that positive experience, this won’t be fun. It won’t be as good as everyone says it is’… and I could go on. But wait, I am making an assumption that you, the person reading this is not wanting to know more… or is that an assumption?

I would like to share a personal experience. 

A very good lifelong friend of mine (we have known each other since we were two years old) was recently diagnosed with a serious health condition. It can often be years between our last contact, yet we always connect as if it was only yesterday that we last talked or saw each other. 

At the time of a recent reconnection with my friend over this news of his health, I asked if he had heard from or been in touch with another mutual friend. His response surprised me. ‘No, we haven’t spoken for years, I think I may have offended him.’ Now these two had so much in common interest. They went to school together, they played sport together, had a passion for horse racing and many others… 

This assumption of my friend surprised me. I asked him if he would mind me trying to make contact with this mutual friend to update him. My friend agreed, however, in his response to me continued to believe his assumption that our mutual friend would have no interest in reconnecting. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

They have since reconnected, realising that busy lives, personal and work responsibilities, other priorities have been the only barrier to being in contact. No one had been offended. To quote the actual response, ‘Just slack’. 

Sometimes, we need to put aside the ‘assumption’ and take a positive step forward to gain a positive experience. 

For myself, I often reflect on being forced to go somewhere with my parents, resisting because I didn’t want to be there, it wouldn’t be fun, I won’t know anyone. My recollection is that that these experiences that I was going to deny myself often turned out the most memorable, the best time, ‘when can we go again?’ experiences. 😀

My friend is grateful for my intervention. There have been many memories shared, news updated and celebrated, laughter, and mutual understanding. 

Fortunately, on this occasion, I didn’t make the assumption that he was right. 

In business, one of our greatest challenges is to determine if an assumption is supportive, based on evidence or fact. Or is it a negative limiting belief assumption that will deny us a positive outcome?

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