KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares why motivated designers should consider entering industry awards like KBDi’s annual Designer Awards program.

It is that time of the year… Entries for the annual industry KBDi Designer Awards have opened. This program is one of the most recognised in the industry, and with a wide range of categories and levels (from First Time Entrant to Australian Certified Designer of the Year), this could be your year! The awards offer a huge marketing opportunity; consider investing your marketing dollars in entering the awards this year, and watch your sales grow!

Firstly, it is always great to be recognised by your industry peers, associations and judges for the hard work you and your team have been putting in. It is also a great motivator for the company and helps build morale. Your employee will love being associated with an award-winning company.

Here are some more tips for maximising a ‘finalist’ or ‘winner’ accolades and boosting sales:

  • Social Media: Yes, this is huge, so take advantage of every forum and promote your win or nomination. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – go for it. Before the award ceremony nominate someone in your team to capture the moment. Post at the ceremony, celebrating afterwards, and then highlight your winning entry the following day.
  • Award Logo: KBDI will send you your ‘finalist’ or ‘winner’ logo as soon as names have been announced. Use these badges consistently in all marketing materials, and be proud of your achievements.
  • Website: On your landing page, make sure there is a big banner highlighting your win or nomination (also using the award logo). Create a link to your photo gallery to show the entry; potential clients are always interested to see what a winning kitchen or bathroom looks like.
  • New Proposals: Update your proposal template to include the award logo immediately. This could give you the upper hand with any potential client, and could be your primary point of difference to your competitors.
  • Email Signatures: Any opportunity to share your achievements should be taken, including your day-to-day emails; make sure you add your ‘finalist’ or ‘winner’ logo to your email signature without delay.
  • Email Marketing Campaign: Send out a newsflash to clients (past, new, potential) and suppliers advising them of the win. You never know who they are talking to and what referrals could come your way.
  • Sign Writing on your Showroom/Studio Window: Don’t be shy – put a big bold banner across the window promoting your win.
  • Tell your local newspaper: Believe it or not, editors are always looking for good stories and a local business winning a National Award is huge. They usually feature you for free so be brave and call them.

Lastly, just remember even if you are a finalist, you should still apply the above tips. With the recent Oscars, even the nominees leveraged off the honour of being nominated. So, select that amazing kitchen or bathroom, take the leap, enter the awards and follow the above tips to watch the results happen.

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