We’ve seen some truly stunning applications of natural stone in Australian kitchens and bathrooms this year. In this feature, we’ve collaborated with KBDi Corporate PLUS Partner, The Stone Ambassador, to share five ways you can feature their stone in your next kitchen design.

#1 Splashing out on the splashback

Many clients opt for safe and neutral cabinets in the kitchen: if they intend to sell their home, they’re sometimes less inclined to step outside the boundaries. However, they can often be convinced to inject some personality into the splashback, and there’s no better way to do this than with a striking piece of stone. A heavily patterned stone like this Superwhite (Vasari) looks spectacular against a simple, elegant and always-safe all-white kitchen.

#2 Adding luxe with light

LED strip lighting combined with dark and deep-coloured stones is an ideal solution for a moody interior. Atlantis Smoke (Vasari) stone is extra-luxurious when highlighted with the warm glow of carefully placed luminaires. Of course, the ‘less is more’ philosophy applies, so keep your lighting minimal and straightforward for the best effect.

#3 Make your sink a statement

Engineered stone and porcelain offer unique opportunities to design stunning integrated sinks. This sink featuring Stone Ambassador’s ‘Sierra Leone’ sings in this spectacular sink setup.

#4 Create with curves

The inherently natural nature of stone lends itself to organic curves. KBDi Member Karen Kunst (KJK Interiors) demonstrated this perfectly in this all-class curvaceous kitchen island design.

#5 Creating contrast

With black appliances becoming increasingly popular, why not play with the element of contrast? Pair your black cookers and hoods (and tapware, too) with classic light stones like this Sub Zero (Vasari). Choose stones with a subtle vein detail to ensure the simple contrast is the hero.

The team at Stone Ambassador will be highlighting the above and outlining the practical design considerations at our upcoming videoconference. Learn more about this session and register here.

For more information on Stone Ambassador’s engineered stone and Vasari Italian Surfaces ranges, click here.