Members who participated in yesterday’s PD Thursday videoconference are bound to be feeling boosted today.

Business strategist, Clive Enever shared some very motivational strategies around managing your mindset in a post-COVID era. Clive stepped us through a series of thought-starters and tangible action steps, encouraging members to consider how a clear and focused mindset can change the operations and outcomes of your business.

Clive emphasised the importance of establishing who you want to work with and what kind of services you want to deliver. He explained how working with the right clients (quality not quantity) can prove more profitable than taking on each and every lead that comes your way. The experienced business strategist encouraged members to invest time in knowing their processes (i.e. the WHAT YOU DO component of your services), and explained how the implementation of good daily habits can set you up for great success.

Clive shared the following takeaway to help members kickstart their mindset makeover:

Daily Tasks (make them habits)

Every morning: begin your day by reading for at least 20 minutes.  (Self-help books or auto-biographies are ideal – if you’re already a fan of this genre, we’d love you to share your favourite reads in the comments below.)

At the end of each day, establish the following routine:

  • Find a quiet spot to relax; reflect on your day and identify the positive things (at least one) that you’re grateful to have experienced – and ‘express’ your gratitude (i.e. write it down) in a journal. 
  • Identify ONE thing you could have done better in your day, and imagine yourself actually ‘doing’ it better. Resolve to make these changes the next time it comes a similar situation arises, then LEAVE it (cue the most-annoying-but-conveniently-catchy ‘Let it go’ tune).
  • Using your journal, record the changes you recognise within yourself today. Remind yourself again of the positive thing/s that happened and express your gratitude.
  • And finally, make a list (prioritised) of the things you need to do tomorrow. Doing this frees your mind from overturning your task list, and allows your mind to settle for the night.


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