A message from our Siliver Sponsor, Vauth-Sagel

Vauth-Sagel launched CORNERSTONE MAXX on the market in 2017. The corner cabinet solution perfectly epitomises the room experts’ mission: based on the principles of universal design, CORNERSTONE MAXX opens up new space and increases comfort in the living space. Since its market launch, the corner cabinet solution has attracted a great deal of attention. The consistently positive feedback, received both from customers and fitters, has already been confirmed with the awarding of numerous prestigious prizes: shortly after the product launch, with the German Design Award 2018, two Universal Design Awards and the Goldstar Awards Honourable Mentions.

The art of optimal space utilisation: with CORNERSTONE MAXX, Vauth-Sagel utilises the kitchen corner’s interior space in an incredibly tidy manner, and with greater convenience than ever before. Following our brand relaunch in 2017, “CORNERSTONE MAXX was the first product with which we entered the market, says Claus Sagel, managing director. “Why? Because it perfectly epitomises our defined values.”

CORNERSTONE MAXX unites the demands of consumers, fitters, retailers and the industry in one product, and sets new standards when it comes to comfort and flexibility. The innovative system places the contents on two straight shelves in front of the cabinet. The often poorly-utilised, or even completely unutilised spaces in the corner cabinet can be accessed with great ease. This has no impact whatsoever on the surrounding cabinets, since CORNERSTONE MAXX only swings in front of the own carcass. In so doing, PAM, the power-assisted movement system, uniquely supports the motion sequence. Thanks to energy storage support and end-damped infeed and outfeed, it opens and closes almost automatically and noiselessly.

Standards are created not only with regard the functionality – CORNERSTONE MAXX also satisfies highest design requirements: thanks to its filigree design, the fastening system is nearly invisible, yet it simultaneously achieves a load capacity of up to 25 kilograms per shelf. The shelf bottoms as such have a modern straight-line look and, in contrast to competitor products, don’t come with any unnecessary or annoying indentations. What is more, they can be loaded using a large surface area, thereby making optimal use of the storage space. CORNERSTONE MAXX is available for different carcass and door widths, thus ensuring that it also satisfies different country-specific requirements.

With respect to installation, CORNERSTONE MAXX is extremely effective: the system consists of just three parts and doesn’t require a second mounting point – a single standpipe provides maximum stability, in addition to allowing simple height adjustment, even after installation. In addition, Vauth-Sagel achieves all of this with fewer screws and fewer drill holes – not only does this save time, but it also provides valuable storage space.

Winner of multiple awards

Already shortly after the product launch in March 2017, CORNERSTONE MAXX won the German Design Award 2018 – and, as such, one of the best-known international design prizes. The award is presented by the “Rat für Formgebung”, the German Design Council. This is the German brand and design authority, which combines a clear mandate with this award: the award winners are well-equipped and predestined to represent the German design scene internationally. The two awards that CORNERSTONE MAXX won in the UNIVERSAL DESIGN Competition 2018 also emphasize another aspect:   with the Universal Design Consumer Award and the Universal Design Expert Award, products are distinguished that are both pioneering and can be used across generations. “With the two UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition awards, an important aspect of our work is distinguished,” Claus Sagel says. “We also always view design and functionality from the vantage point of universal use. Vauth-Sagel’s developments are designed in such a manner so as to ensure that the greatest bandwidth of people worldwide can experience the product benefits –  without this requiring any adaptations.”

That CORNERSTONE MAXX is also making its mark in Australia, is proven by the system’s most recent award: at AWISA, the most important industry event for the wood and furniture industry down under, being distinguished with the Gold Star Awards counts among the highlights. The internationally coveted seals of quality for outstanding products are awarded by the Supplier Magazine industry magazine on the occasion of the trade fair. CORNERSTONE MAXX was distinguished with the Gold Star Award Honourable Mention in aesthetic Planero Design in 2018. The industry magazine’s expert jury awards this prize in recognition of innovative technologies, services or manufacturing methods. It carefully examined all of the products shown by a total of 120 exhibitors.