We’re delighted to welcome long-time KBDi Member and multi-award winning designer, Patricia La Torre, to our mentoring team.

As the owner and principal designer at Melbourne firm, OUTSIDEINSIDE Building Elements, Patricia is passionate about every aspect of design and committed to delivering exceptional service.

As a KBDi Mentor, Patricia is eager to share her tips, advice and guidance on topics like:

  • Where to start when starting out on your own
  • The value of networking and avoiding isolation
  • How to wear your many hats in a busy small business
  • Client/designer relationships and learning how to listen: it’s not all about you!
  • Avoiding burn out with balance and time out

The KBDi mentoring program is a complimentary service available exclusively for current financial KBDi members. If you’re keen to have a chat with Patricia (or anyone else in our mentoring team), simply contact us via the booking form on this page and we’ll tee up a suitable time.