So much #mirrorlove in this year’s KBDi Designer Awards…! In this feature, we’re reflecting on five of our favourite mirror installations, and sharing some tips for selecting the best-fit mirrors for your bathroom designs.

This 1915 Federation home had several stunning architectural features, giving designer Sally Woolfenden (Lavare Bathrooms), some great bones to play with. We love how Sally’s oval-shaped mirrors duplicate the stunning archway, while adding a touch of contemporary detail to the space.

A matt black metal framed custom mirror suspended in front of a window makes a striking statement in this bathroom beauty. This out-of-the-box thinking allowed Melbourne designer, Penny del Castillo (In Design International) to practically position the mirror while maintaining natural light and ventilation.

Melbourne designer, Alicia Jeffries (Mint Kitchen Group) added a contemporary touch to this period-style bathroom with a bright and bold circular mirror. The curved-end vanity and circular accessories finish the space with class.

Gently curved corners soften the edges of these striking black-framed mirrors. Perth designer, Sally Woolfenden (Lavare Bathrooms) replicated the black detailing in the room’s barn door handle and rail, cleverly linking the bathroom to its adjoining bedroom.

This custom curved mirror makes a grand statement in this beautiful bathroom by Melbourne designer, Olivia Cirocco (GIA Bathrooms and Kitchens). The geometric detail is replicated in the overhead shower roses, making for a very smart and unified space.

Our top tips for selecting the perfect mirror

#1 Size Matters

All of the above mirrors work so well because they’re in great proportion to the vanities they’re sitting above. Intentionally oversized mirrors can be magical, too, but avoid making your mirrors too small.  

#2 Get the Height Right

The height of your mirror may depend on how tall (or short) your clients are. Your clients will want to see the tops of their heads, so ensure your mirror sits at least 300mm above their eye line. Likewise, they’ll want to see below their chin, too, so make sure you consider where the bottom of the mirror will fall.

#3 Lighting for Love

You may have picked a stunning mirror, but poorly placed lighting could make reflections far from pretty. Allow space around or above your mirror for one or more wall lights, and avoid placing downlights directly over the vanity.

Have any other tips to share? As always, we welcome your feedback, so feel free to comment below.