A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

A National Survey of the Joinery Industry

During these past few months, Cabinets by Computer has been proudly promoting the National Joinery Industry Survey. The team behind goCabinets, the online cabinetry ordering platform organised and directly sent the survey to over 7,500 designers, cabinet makers, installers, and other industry professionals nationwide.

The start of June marked the release of the published findings report which delves into the demographic landscape of the joinery industry, the leading trends & most common practices, and provides insight into the concerns among members of the industry and where they see it progressing in the years to come.

Notable findings include the importance of computerisation and technology in this modern industry. 63.5% of respondents use design, production, or CAD based software within their business. The internet in particular also showed its importance as a large portion of respondents look towards online ordering for their materials (50.6%), hardware (49.4%), and flatpack (58.5%) needs.

Looking towards the future of the industry, technology once again had its presence with 38.1% of respondents predicting “automation” to be among the biggest growth areas within the next 5-10 years of the industry. “Residential building work” also joined with 38.1% to be the equal highest predicted growth area. Growth was not the only consideration of the future looked at by the survey. The concerns and challenges of the industry were also raised as participants were asked to identify 3 of their top concerns for the industry. 54.9% of respondents selected “pricing pressures/ operational costs” as a leading concern for the future while “competition from imported products” was a very close second with 52.9% of respondents agreeing it was a top concern.

The COVID-19 crisis in particular and the effects and responses had by members of the industry was also tackled. 39.7% of recipients identified COVID-19 as one of their leading concerns for the future. 80.7% of participants highlighted negative effects from COVID-19, yet astonishingly, 29.1% of those who were affected claimed they had implemented no new business measures to combat this period.

The importance of marketing during this COVID-19 period also revealed some interesting actions or more accurately put, “inactions” as 18.7% of respondents chose to increase their marketing and advertising efforts and 5.2% chose to decrease their marketing and advertising. While some chose to go on a front foot and compete harder for their share of the market, a minority saw their best option to cut spending where they could.

The National Joinery Industry survey revealed fascinating and insightful statistics and information on not just the full picture of the industry we call our own, but also into the varying segments, ages, business sizes, and states that make up this industry.

There are thousands of components that can each go a step towards improving the results of a business or helping them prepare for the uncertainty of the future. Through publishing these results, it is hoped that any member of the industry can find information to highlight areas you had not previously thought of in your overall decision-making process.

You can download a full copy of the report here