We’re delighted (and relieved) to announce that our 2020 Awards program will be going ahead. We sincerely believe that now is possibly a better time than ever to enter a design awards program, and we’ve got at least three good reasons to help motivate you:

  1. You may have a little more time to prepare your projects this year; as the pressure is being taken off our workload, we can re-group and look at this ‘forced lull’ as a time to work ON our business rather than in it.​
  2. The process of entering is an excellent way to look at your process of design. Our template and criteria encourage you to look at each stage of the project carefully: from your measure up to design brief and statement to your documentation and project wrap up, you’ll be putting your process under a fine tooth comb, and may even work out how you can improve or refine your service.​
  3. You’ll have an excellent starting point for your marketing when it’s time to kick-start your business again. Whether it’s in your own self-promotion, or through the multitude of opportunities for free exposure you get as a finalist (see some samples here), being a KBDi finalist is marketing gold. 

Of course, we’d be naïve to think the current crisis would have no impact upon our program. We’ve set out the issues we’ve had below, along with our solutions.

Closing Date
Entries to our awards were originally planned to close on Monday, 18 May. As we all find our bearings in this ‘new normal’, you’re probably going to need a few more weeks. Accordingly, we’ve extended that deadline to 12 noon on Monday, 1 June.

Photographing Finished Projects 
Getting access to projects for professional photography may prove challenging over the coming months. While we’ve normally insisted on premium pics (for obvious reasons), we will be allowing late submission of professional photographs this year. (We will need your BEST images for features like the ones you can see here, so don’t let this fall off your radar.) We’ve set out some tips for DIY photography here, and confirm the following deadlines:

  • Award Entries (powerpoints, entry forms, low res images etc.) must be submitted by 12 noon on Monday, 1 June.
  • Professional photographs (for all nominated finalists) must be submitted by 12 noon on Tuesday, 30 June.
Project Completion Dates
​We get that you may need to ‘dig back a little deeper’ to find a project that’s made it to 100% completion. Accordingly, we’ve extended the project completion dates as follows:
​All designs submitted must be for projects undertaken within the Commonwealth of Australian and completed during the period of 1 January 2018 to 1 June 2020. 

Announcement of Finalists
It’s highly likely that we won’t be able to proceed with a round of chapter events in late June and early July as initially planned. This means we won’t be able to give our finalists the ‘real-life’ fanfare we had hoped for, but we are working on alternative methods to give you the kudos you deserve. 

Announcement of Winners
Again, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to hold our traditional Design Symposium and Designers Awards Gala this year.  We don’t know how long these restrictions will be in place, and when public gatherings are reintroduced, we can’t be sure if we’ll have enough time to plan the five star events we’ve been proud to host in the past. We will keep you posted, but can assure you that winners will be well and truly recognised and celebrated one way or another.

As always, if you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us 

Awards Close: Monday, 1 June 2020
(12 noon your local time)

Finalists Announced:
Monday, 20 July 2020

Winners Announced:
Friday, 14 August 2020