Laundries in Kitchens
KBDi’s Education Partner, Designer Training Australia, has been working hard to create a new series of Bulletins tailor-made for time-poor designers.
They’ve worked out ten of the top technical queries that are stumping kitchen and bathroom designers across the country, and have condensed the relevant rules and regulations into easy-to-read fact sheets.
The Bulletins cover a range of issues, from merging laundries with kitchens to lighting in bathrooms to the facts about floor wastes and more.
Each Bulletin will provide you with a condensed list of references, useful definitions and short answers to complicated questions, in a clear cut and no-frills format.
Designer Training Australia are pleased to be making these ultra-useful papers freely available to KBDi Members. The first of the series – Laundries in Kitchens – is now available for download in your exclusive KBDi  Members Area, and we encourage you to log in and check it out today.