While 2017 interiors were all about neutrals, 2018 brings with it a new design perspective, and the opportunity to create a stunning statement in any space with an all new set of neutrals.


First up, black. Always on trend, we’re predicting black to be the ‘new neutral’ in 2018. As dramatic as it can be, it’s a look people fall in love with, creating a sense of luxury and complementing any theme. Our tip? Keep the sheen level down and use a matt or satin finish. Consistency is key, too – we love seeing black on walls, skirting, doors, lighting and floors where it can encapsulate an area, making a truly striking statement.

The perfect Laminex product for black: Laminex AbsoluteMatte in Black and Laminex Impressions in Black Nuance.


Next up, metallics. Metallic tones are a classic, often playing an accented role in a space. Whether it’s cabinetry, a beautiful ceiling detail, furniture or key décor areas, metallics add a wonderful layer to the overall design in equal parts timeless and modern. We recommend using either bright metallics or softer tones, remembering consistency in your approach helps to strengthen the statement you make.

How to bring the metallic trend to life with Laminex? Use Laminex Innovations in Brushed Bronze or Brushed Titanium.


Bringing a space to life with a pastel is not a first thought for most, but creating a space that allows you to disconnect from the fast pace of life is always front of mind, and this palette creates the calmness we crave. Washed or slightly muted pastels over a full room or on cabinetry will achieve the desired effect and you shouldn’t be afraid to mix them either. For example, soft mint green looks wonderful with pinks, as does a soft blue with a yellow – both combinations impossible not to enjoy looking at. And if you’re worried about keeping things gender neutral simply layer a few neutral furniture pieces in to find a balance in the space that everyone can enjoy.

The perfect Laminex pastels are Laminex Jute, Laminex Eggshell and Laminex Silver Grey.

Calming Blues

Continuing the calming theme is blue, and regardless of tone it’s back in a big way. From blue green tones to grey blue tones, this soothing colour is perfect for your oasis at home and a great complement for many other palettes.

Get that calming effect with Laminex Steel Blue or Laminex Ocean Micro.

Vibrant Tones

If you like bright colours, 2018 is definitely your year. This trend is all about fun in a big way. Mixing brights on walls, furniture and cabinetry will make a playful statement, bringing joy to the room and to those who are in it. Striking tones of yellow, green, pink and red are the go-to and we recommend always having one hero colour with supporting colours around it to keep the palette balanced and not too overwhelming. To really make this look sing though, ensure you support the scheme with large pieces of art, patterned rugs and plenty of florals.

Where to start? With Laminex Fresh Spout, Laminex Olympia Green or Laminex Pillarbox.

So there you have it, a new set of neutrals to inspire your spaces in 2018. Enjoy!

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