Dolce Stil Novo, Smeg’s finest collection of luxury kitchen appliances, is a culinary masterpiece designed to meet the most exacting standards of passionate cooks and dedicated wine aficionados.

Meaning ‘Sweet New Style’, Dolce Stil Novo, designed by Italian architect Guido Canali, features two premium wine cellars specifically tailored to wine storage and maturation.

Providing a choice of a 450mm high built-in model and an 820mm underbench – the wine cellars meet the most exacting requirements of any wine connoisseur.  A precise temperature, of between 5˚C and 20˚C, is maintained constantly, there is ideal humidity, perfect air quality, UV protection and each cellar is vibration free.

Featuring minimalist styling in black Eclipse glass with refined copper or stainless steel detailing, the wine cellars’ aesthetics mirror the design of the collection’s other appliances and when installed are in perfect alignment.  Uninterrupted lines, precision craftsmanship and elegance are signature traits, while home entertaining is taken to restaurant-quality perfection.

Dolce Stil Novo’s 45cm built-in wine cellar, housing 18 bottles, and sommelier drawer are two of the most elegant and beautiful inclusions in this ground-breaking collection.

The underbench wine cellar, with similar features and a 38 bottle capacity, has dual temperature zones to ensure different wines can be cellared in ideal conditions simultaneously.

Each wine cellar features a low vibration cooling system plus internals crafted in pure oak.

The Eclipse black glass technology ensures wines are perfectly shielded and protected from damaging UV light.  It also provides greater visual impact and gives maximum transparency when the LED light is on.  The wine cellars’ special ventilation function maintains the ideal level of humidity while a special carbon filter removes odours, ensuring the air quality remains constant, preventing corks from absorbing smells.

The appliances’ solid oak racks are both removable and sliding to ensure flexibility in terms of cellaring and preserving a mixed collection of wines.  The perfectly shaped housings enable the racks to accommodate bottles of different diameters and heights.  The shelves’ prized natural Slavonian oak is the same used to make barrels since ancient times.

The Dolce Stil Novo built-in wine cellar has been awarded three of the most prestigious international design awards – Good Design, iF and Red Dot.

The collection’s sommelier drawer is an artisanal masterpiece that perfectly complements the wine cellars.  With an external finish in Eclipse black glass and copper or stainless steel detailing, the drawer is equipped with the highest quality sommelier tools for serving, storing and recording precious wines.

The drawer’s tasting kit includes steel and wood corkscrew; steel vacuum wine saver with two silicone corks; Spumante wine cork; cork wine pourer; drip-catcher; sparkling wine steel and wood cork; pair of Spumante pincers; thermometer with housing; red wine cork and steel funnel with wooden handle.

Dolce Stil Novo, by Smeg, launched in October 2018 and will be available from selected stores nationally.


CVI618NR Compact Wine Cellar, copper trim                                 $3490

CVI618NXS Compact Wine Cellar, stainless steel trim                     $3490

CVI638N 82cm Underbench Wine Cellar, no trim                            $4990

CPS613NR 15cm Sommelier Drawer, copper trim                          $2190

CPS613NX 15cm Sommelier Drawer, stainless steel trim                 $2190

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