As the nation emerges from the COVID19 crisis, business strategist, Clive Enever, sees an excellent opportunity for a mindset makeover. In this tailor-made session for micro, small and medium business owners, Clive will set you on the path to improving your business mindset. He’ll share proven strategies for developing daily habits, believing in your decisions and making a conscious effort to stay focused on your future, and leave you with some tangible action steps to help you manage your mindset.

About Clive Evener

Clive Enever is a Business Strategist with over three decades of business and mentoring success. With a background in sales, marketing and business strategies, Clive works with entrepreneurs and business owners to set, meet and exceed their goals. Whether you’re looking for increased income, less stress or a better work/life balance (or a combination of all three), Clive’s coaching will deliver strategies, processes and habits to help you reach your targets.

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