A message from our Silver Sponsor, Vauth-Sagel

Thanks to its VS ENVI range of waste separation systems, Vauth-Sagel has a modular product range in its delivery program that can be adapted to the lifestyle, household size and local disposal regulations with surprising ease. Everyday processes are significantly simplified, and it convinces in terms of hygiene, aesthetics, and sustainability. In the course of this, the kitchen design is not affected, since the systems all vanish behind the kitchen front, along with all required containers.

Optimally utilising available space, facilitating workflow sequences in the kitchen and utility room, maintaining the high design standards in the furniture’s interior – these are the foundations for Vauth-Sagel’s success. Every product which the family-owned company develops must meet these requirements. This also holds true for the waste separation systems from the VS ENVI series, which, thanks to their modular design, provide the right solution for every requirement. The VS ENVI components are available in a number of international standard sizes.

VS ENVI Space: enough space for

unused dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils and food to share storage space in the kitchen. However, waste needs space, too. Thanks to its varying volumes, this space-saving VS ENVI system provides the optimal solution. VS ENVI Space satisfies all the requirements of a modern waste separation system. Its full-extension front pull-out is impressive and includes damping, whereby all opening and closing processes can be performed with ease and almost silently. Furthermore, individual comfort is also offered by the large number of different vessel sizes that can be custom-configured in a total capacity of 20 to 91 litres per system. This way, the very different local disposal regulations or customer-specific depth varieties, which, e.g., allow the installation of instantaneous water heaters underneath the sink, can be configured from the modular system in the blink of an eye. The containers are made of high-quality plastic, and they are dishwasher and food safe. This way, e.g. stowing and storing pet food or food is extremely convenient. With a sturdy, double powder-coated metal lid that can be used as an additional shelf, the waste separation system is perfectly sealed.

The matching system for every kitchen

Hygiene, environmental awareness and sustainability are particularly important in every kitchen – especially when it comes to waste disposal. With the VS ENVI product range’s system solutions, different waste disposal requirements and kitchens sizes can be equipped without any problem. And, as you are already accustomed to at Vauth-Sagel, the collection also contains ergonomic components. Here, for example, a system for opening the base cabinet, which saves you having to bend down. A simple, gentle tap by foot opens the waste separation systems. “We increase comfort in people’s living spaces,” says Vauth-Sagel’s managing director, Claus Sagel. “We always have the basic idea of universal design in mind: our products are designed to ensure that people all over the world can experience the benefits – without having to make any adjustments. This also applies for the waste separation systems of the VS ENVI series.”