Pixalux light panels are an innovative lighting product for architectural, commercial and retail design applications.

Pixalux light panels are LED edge lit panels; patented technology enables the light input along the edge of a panel to evenly illuminate the entire surface, allowing the structural element to double as a lighting source. The softly diffused light produced is far more desirable than a typical point source light, which can cast large shadows and be harsh on the eye when looked at directly.

Pixalux light panels are structural because they are made from solid sheets of acrylics that are bonded together, eliminating the need for bulky frames and supporting structures. They excel in a commercial, residential or retail environment as they illuminate products evenly and provide light from above and below. In many applications the panels can replace shelving and in turn will directly illuminate products from below, enabling a greater focus on the product.

Thanks to an innovative structural design, Pixalux light panels are transforming how integrated lighting is handled in design. With a 16mm profile and strength that matches typical joinery materials, Pixalux light panels integrate seamlessly into a wide range of joinery applications.

Key Features:

  • 16mm thickness matches common materials
  • Strong like MDF and other joinery materials
  • Evenly distributed surface light eliminates shadows and directly illuminates products
  • Range of mounting options
  • Long life LEDs rated to 50,000 hours
  • Durable construction for everyday use
  • No UV or heat output, ideal for heat sensitive products
  • Can be retrofit or built into new products
  • Modular design

For more information, contact the Lincoln Sentry National Customer Service Centre on 1300 551 919 or visit www.lincolnsentry.com.au