A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

What is the true Value of Software Training?

Well-leveraged, new technologies can increase efficiency while also decreasing costs. Imagine what your business would be like if there were no computers?

Bookkeeping would have to be done on paper and each calculation would have to be done manually with a calculator, financial transactions would require regular trips to the bank.

Communicating with clients could only be done over the phone, or in face-to-face meetings, and correspondence would have to be done by mail, all with the associated long-distance fees, travel expenses, wait times and delays.

The Value of Training

Not surprisingly, adequate employee training can make or break the success of new software adaptation. When poorly trained or, worse, not trained at all, employee productivity and morale can take a catastrophic hit – a hit from which some companies never fully recover.

More than offering merely adequate training, is one insight that comes from the many case studies of businesses implementing software solutions to ill effect. The earlier that employees are brought into the process, the more likely that the software solution will benefit the company.

Rather than purchasing software and then bringing the educator in, give employees the chance to provide input as to which features are needed, before the software is purchased, thereby greatly increasing the odds of a successful integration.

Preparing for a Successful Training Experience

Training – like the technology itself – should be discussed with employees beforehand. Explain to them how long the training should last and approximately when it will begin. Ask them which training methods they prefer.

Highly mobile and ambitious employees – such as sales teams – may prefer online training that they can access when it’s convenient. Customer support representatives may prefer dedicated training sessions away from their desks, so that they can focus on what they need to learn.

Some may prefer to have their training during normal working hours, whereas others may prefer to come in during after-hours so that it doesn’t disrupt their work – particularly if they will be paid for the extra time. By offering employees choices in how the training is delivered, they are much more likely to look forward to the training and to get greater benefit from it.

We at Cabinets by Computer believe in a constant flow of support and training to our existing and new customer base. We focus on training and support, as our customers are an extension and representation of our business.

Our high level of support, tutorials, visual walkthroughs and blogs before and after sale’s gives our customer’s reassurance that we are present and ready to assist no matter what the situation.

Our aim is to make the experience with Cabinets By Computer as enjoyable as possible.