A message from our Premier Partner, Multitap by InSinkErator

Top of the range, the InSinkErator Evolution 250® food waste disposer is the latest product addition to the InSinkErator family. It’s our most powerful and quietest model featuring three-stage grind and advanced sound reduction technology. Don’t worry about what you can and cannot grind… the Evolution 250 grinds most food including some bones, prawn heads and fish heads.

Focused on kitchen design, the Evolution 250 comes with a premium stainless-steel stopper with a cover, offering a stylish and integrated finish to modern sinks. The Evolution 250 also comes standard with three air switch buttons in chrome, brushed steel, and matte black complementing modern kitchen colour palettes.

The Evolution 250 comes standard with an 8 year full in-house warranty.

Food waste disposers have come a long way over the years, and InSinkErator disposers are designed with the environment in mind. They help divert food waste from landfill and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

How does this work, you ask? Well, food waste is sent through your existing plumbing and sewerage to wastewater treatment plants, many of which can recycle the food waste into renewable energy that can be fed back into the grid. They may also process food waste into biosolids for land regeneration. So, when you have an InSinkErator food waste disposal system, you can rest easy knowing your food disposal method of choice is both convenient and good for the environment.

Learn more about the InSinkErator Evolution 250 here.