Pytha Partners demonstrated the power of PYTHA with members at recent KBDi chapter events on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, and designers were blown away by the level of presentation that can be achieved with this impressive software.

Michael Rowe (Pytha Partners) shared an impressive video which demonstrated the creation of a room design from start to finish. Guests were able to see the software in action as walls and cabinets were set out, built and skilfully rendered, and they were genuinely surprised at the time efficiency of the exercise.

The presentation brought home the long list of benefits of using 3D software; we’ve summarised three of the best here:

  1. Time Equals Money

Michael’s demonstration showed how quickly an efficient user can produce a presentation sure to impress, but the time savings aren’t just in the design stage: with photo-realistic presentations leaving little room for misinterpretation, you’ll be moving your clients from the design and documentation phase through to construction in no time.

  1. Clear-as-Crystal Communication

When you can virtually walk your clients through their new kitchen or bathroom, showing them exactly how the space, colours and textures will work, you are eliminating any ‘grey areas’ that are likely to become major headaches down the track. If your client isn’t keen on what you’re proposing, it’s best to find out early in the design phase, and not when construction is underway.  Clear communication saves time and money, and ensures all parties are content at the end of the project.

  1. Planning, Presentation and Production

Software such as PYTHA’s 3D CAD takes you from the planning and presentation stage right through to construction.  This particular software also links to a wide range of CAD, CAM and estimating applications including 3D Analyzer, Enroute, EziNest, WoodWop, BiesseWorks, AlphaCam, CabinetVision, TradeSoft and more, ensuring your workflow is uninterrupted from start to finish.

Take It One Step Further with Virtual Reality!

For those that want to take their 3D experience one step further, walk-through technology like PYTHA’s Oculus will deliver an immersive presentation second to none.  Guests at the Gold Coast and Sydney events got to test this technology first hand, and were gob-smacked by the depth of this virtual reality experience.

KBDi Silver Sponsors, Pytha Partners, are keen to connect with members and share their incredible software.  Their easy to learn software programs are available with flexible payment plans, ensuring a smooth and manageable transition for you and your business.  Interested in learning more?  Contact the team today at