Blum’s practical and sophisticated cabinet solutions can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your customer and make optimal use of the storage space available. These cabinet solutions enhance kitchen workflows with items being stored where they are needed for everyday kitchen use.

Practical cabinet solutions ensure stored items such as provisions, plates and cutlery and cleaning agents are within easy reach and immediately at hand. Blum provides practical cabinet solutions for both wall cabinets and base units ensuring you can meet your customer storage requirements.


A well-thought-out solution for everyday use, Blum’s SPACE TOWER uses every inch of storage space available. The inner pull-outs can be opened individually, giving users easy access and clear visibility from all three sides.


Too often space available in the kitchen corner cabinet is wasted with stored items uncomfortable to access and easily forgotten. Blum’s SPACE CORNER make optimal use of the space with the full extension angled drawers utilising the available space providing access into the furthest corner.

Sink Cabinet

Combining Blum’s sink drawer and waste bin pull-out applications making use of the space available under the sink. Cleaning agents and utensils can be stored out of sight and within easy reach right where they are used.

Narrow cabinet

Blum’s Narrow cabinets provide a simple solution that creates valuable storage space by making use of the even the smallest space in the kitchen. Spices, oils and baking trays can be stored between the preparation and cooking area providing quick and convenient access when needed.

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