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Livable Housing Design – Bathrooms

KBDi Technical Bulletins cover NCC and Australian Standard related issues in an easy-to-read, to-the-point format.
Technical Bulletin - Livable Housing Design

In 2022, the National Construction Code (NCC) introduced new requirements for ‘livable housing’. The rulings apply to both Class 1a buildings (houses and townhouses) and Class 2 sole-occupancy units (i.e. individual apartments) and, following a transition period, were ultimately adopted in most States and Territories in October 2023.

(Note: In Tasmania, Part H8 Livable housing design does not take effect until 1 October 2024. Part H8 does not apply in NSW, as livable housing design requirements do not apply to Class 1a buildings in NSW.)

The revisions put in place features based on the Livable Housing Design Guidelines silver standard, with a voluntary gold standard also available for features beyond the minimum requirements. The purpose of implementing the changes is to ‘ensure that housing is designed to meet the needs of the community, including older people and people with mobility limitations’.

In this Technical Bulletin, we’ve summarised the basic requirements applicable to bathrooms.

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