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Powder Room Clearances

Powder Room Clearances

KBDi Technical bulletins cover NCC and Australian Standard related issues in an easy-to-read, to-the-point format.

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As the name would suggest, powder rooms traditionally had more to do with powdering than toileting. In eighteenth-century homes, the powder room or closet was the small space dedicated to refreshing one’s wig. When wigs fell out of fashion, the powder room became a convenient place for guests to ‘powder their noses’ and attend to their appearance. The powder chair was eventually replaced with a chamber pot and wash basin, bringing it closer to today’s definition of a powder room:

A small compartment housing a toilet and basin, generally located within close proximity to the main living areas of a home.

Powder rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes, and offer a nice opportunity for designers to have some fun with a space that is both functional and decorative. In this bulletin, we’re outlining the clearances recommended in this (often) small space, and highlighting NCC requirements associated with sanitary compartments.