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Katherine Siketa | Keta Interiors

KBDi Designer Member
Melbourne East | Melbourne Inner City | Melbourne North | Melbourne South East | Melbourne West | VIC

With more than 15 years in the kitchen, bathroom and joinery industry, Kat’s experience and specialist knowledge ensure that every client’s project gets the attention it deserves. Function and aesthetics are equally important to Kat, where she always aims to carefully plan out and consider all aspects of a space to get the best outcome with flow, storage, use of materials and durability. Having always worked in an environment where her designs were built, Kat’s knowledge of how renovations are executed always ensures an easy site build of her designs. She loves minimal clean lines, the use of textured surfaces against blocks of colour, and seamless integration of materials as her design philosophy. Winner, runner up and a finalist in both the KBDi and HIA awards programs, Kat’s projects are industry recognised as well as adored by her clients.

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KBDi_Katherine Siketa_Kitchen_L_1
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KBDi_Katherine Siketa_Bathroom_P_1
KBDi_Katherine Siketa_Bathroom_Landscape_1

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