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Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture with honours at UNSW in 2008 before establishing LS Studio.
Her passion for period homes is emphasised by her experience in Federation and Victorian renovations. LS Studio’s design aesthetic is elegant, refined and fundamentally guided by the vision and ethos of the family or homeowner to highlight the character, treasures and personalities of the home.

Services Offered

  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation


Specialty Areas

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design
KBDi_Laura Suesan_L_Bathroom_3
KBDi_Laura Suesan_L_Bathroom_1
KBDi_Laura Suesan_L_Bathroom_2
KBDi_Laura Suesan_L_Bathroom_4
KBDi_Laura Suesan_L_Bathroom_5
KBDi_Laura Suesan_P_Bathroom_1
KBDi_Laura Suesan_P_Bathroom_3
KBDi_Laura Suesan_P_Bathroom_2
KBDi_Laura Suesan_P_Bathroom_4

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