Lynette Arnold | Mulberry Street Design

KBDi Designer Member
NSW | Sydney North East

At Mulberry Street Design, our clients trust us to listen and deliver on a full range of interior design services including kitchens, bathrooms, spatial planning, interior detailing, furniture, lighting, decoration and window treatments. While each project is unique, reflecting its people, environment and ideas, our design philosophy is based on:

Appeal – a space that draws you in
Personality – a sense of soul
Layering/blending – skilful application of design elements and principles
Quality – well-made materials, workmanship and products
Longevity – a look that stands the test of time
Practicality – effortless functionality
Mindfulness – choices that support natural health and wellbeing, including better preservation of resources in our natural world

Put simply, we make our clients’ lives better through thoughtful design.


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